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    March 24, 2013
    5:30 - 6:00am PDT  

>> the president of the central african republic has fled the capital. it is now under rebel control. aljazeera, live. cyprus on the edge of bankruptcy. last-minute talks are going on to avert a financial meltdown. gambling on a comeback, other former -- a former president of pakistan comes back after four years in exile. >> he speaks to a small crowd of supporters and addresses threats
from the taliban who says they will kill him. >> pope francis rides through the vatican city to lead celebrations on palm sunday. the president of the central african republic has fled the cut -- fled the capital. headed south to the democratic republic of congo, the group has taken control of a television channel and is expected to make a statement soon. rebels say that he has failed to honor a peace deal. our analyst agrees. >> the rebels consist of some three or four rebel groups, as well as the general position in
the central republic. essentially the agreement that was signed was asking for a number of things, including the integration into a regular army for the departure of the south african troops. as well as other things. it would appear that the in what i haved just mentioned and he was basically told that this time there would be no negotiations. we have to understand that this president basically escaped being ousted by the skin of his teeth. a few months earlier. it was this cpa that saved him. agreement, the obviously he has not. now he has been asked to leave. >> peters following developments from the capital of
kenya and he joins us on the phone right now. peter, do we know the whereabouts of the president at the moment? mention earlier that he had fled over the river into the democratic republic of congo. although we do not have confirmation on exactly where. .t does seem clear >> what we know of the demands that the rebels are making? >> they have been fighting for a very long time. they want to implement an agreement including setting up the government of national and a national army. is a fairly comprehensive
agreement, and they feel that he failed to honor the agreement. we saw the troops fighting. then in january as they were about to make a push on the capitol itself, they attend another agreement to form a government of unity. the rest seems to have broken down. >> peter, speaking to us from nairobi. the former pakistani president has flown home after four years in self imposed exile. pervez musharraf was greeted by supporters. the former military ruler says that he wants to run in the next election and is unfazed by a death threat from the pakistan taliban. former president and
general has threatened to come back on many occasions, but he is finally here. he comes home to a very different pakistan and the one that he left. he was a very unpopular figure when he left. here he used to have the support of the main political party. sources are telling us that they are not sure if they will do any kind of deal with him. in order to make this work, to have some kind of success in the general election, he needs to make alliances. at the moment he does not have the kind of political clout to make those alliances worthwhile. he needs to make deals with people. he said he wants to try to unite the people who are undecided, who are against the dynastic and family politics of pakistan.
he wants to unite a people who are frustrated with the corruption endemic within pakistan in politics. a pakistani politician who used to be a former sports and has slashed -- has huge support when it comes to young people. he had a massive rally on saturday. in contrast, pervez musharraf does not have that kind of support. just a handful of people waiting for him at the airport. this political climate is very different than the one that he left. he needs to make this work. what he will do next is likely he will come out on the attack and criticize all of the pakistani politicians for being corrupt and hoping that that will provide him with some sort of groundswell. >> it comes amid more violence
in tribal areas. tollotion from the death has gone up to 17 from the suicide bomber on saturday. more than 20 people have also been injured. one of the maine judges in the capital says they are ready to help things. they are trying to secure a multibillion-dollar bailout deal on sunday. if they do not, the central bank will pull the plug on monday. the president of cyprus has flown to brussels to get a deal to avoid bankruptcy. before webe some time hear anything definitive about what is happening behind closed doors in brussels between the president and his team from cyprus. areeuropean central banks
going on without a bailout in place and there is a threat to cut funding if there is one. which russian investors are among the foreign investors in the economy? there must be significant bank deposit losses. the program must tackle the problem at the root. sure that thee plan is in place without dipping cyprus into debt and on sustainability. cyprus has agreed to close down its second-biggest bank, but once to hold on to the biggest. perhaps the biggest problem is the imf and germany, but to be fair they said no, they want to
close the bank, even if it means thousands of job losses. >> the syrian forces are reported to have been firing at each other in the highest. the cat -- an informant captured, missiles with ammunition from the base being taken. it is near a highway to the capital. the same base was captured after two weeks of heavy fighting. the arab league has given the syrian seek to the opposition council. one of many countries to recognize them as the legitimate representatives of
the syrian people. we are just the sight of the meeting. >> the meeting is ongoing, but i can say that an arab official attended based on the seats from the syrian national coalition. remember in march the call on and now theon were kind of forced for some several
months i would say to you the back seats. another thing to talk about as the prime minister and concern that the leader of the syrian national coalition in the therim will be attending arab league summit on tuesday and wednesday. >> how do you see these developments out of the arab league? developing and impacting those countries in syria? i am not sure it will have a direct impact on the ground, but definitely on the diplomatic front at least there is some sort of community within arab states. i need to mention those three countries from the meeting being represented by the foreign minister in algeria and lebanon, either the state or the expression of their
reservations around abdicating by dividing within some arab hold andd the general in addition to convince the council to adopt a binding resolution. the bloodshed -- to stop the bloodshed and suffering of the syrian people. >> thank you very much for speaking to us. the u.s. secretary of state is making a surprise visit to iraq. john kerry is pressing iraqi leaders over the war in syria. iraqig them from entering
airspace. jane has more. >> the u.s. secretary of state has arrived on his first official visit. not a surprise, but certainly unannounced given the security situation here. he is expected to discuss the issue of syria with the prime minister. particularly the pledge to check the iranian flights going to syria for weapons. iraq has checked out two of those flights since making the promise. there are other issues the u.s. would like to weigh in on, othering the increasing provinces protested what had been going on since december.
all in all quite a volatile time just days after the 10th anniversary of the start of the iraq war. the prime minister is grappling with issues inside the country and around the borders. the outbound president will travel there and that much to discuss. stretching from the continent. why are proposed new laws against homosexuality worrying day russians? -- gay russians? >> hello, combat.
we start with a look at europe, printing some looking very unsettled and deed. this big system is affecting eastern parts of europe with another area giving snow across the u.k. with this system developing across the mediterranean. and it looked like the snow was clearing up for much of you, pushing up into this heavy snow area here. for the u.k. it is certainly looking dry. the snow is gone but it is a brisk and significant windchill expected with heavy rain across much of portugal and into more western parts of spain. is insterly influence
evidence. on the 20 degrees, 22 in benghazi. >> hello, the top story on
aljazeera, the president of the central african republic has fled the capital. the rebel group seized after fighting government's fault -- government forces. they said the president fail to honor a peace deal. churchgoers in cyprus are praying for economic salvation. the president has gone to brussels for last-ditch talks. former president
and military ruler has landed in karachi and after more than four years after a self-imposed exile. he says he wants to run in the general election and is not fazed by the dix from the taliban. from the taliban. having wrapped up his first official visit to russia, he met dimitri medvedev and signed a number of deals. ishave a look at why africa the next destination. >> it is no coincidence that the new chinese president has included africa on his first official trip abroad. is a relationship worth billions. the chinese economy has become the second-largest in the world.
chinese companies employing thousands of workers to secure their resources. last year the african exports to china were worth $166 billion. china the biggest trading partner. but the chinese interests are not just economic. beijing spent $200 million building new offices in ethiopia. china's state television is set up in kenya. indication seems to be that china wants the deeper political relationship or influence over this research rich continent. front one of the major challenges facing the new leadership will be ensuring clean water. half of chinese cities are without clean drinking water. >> water pollution in china is becoming almost impossible to
ignore. 40% of all surface water is so badly polluted that simply touching it can be dangerous. there have been several high- profile incidents, like this bill in january at this fertilizer plant. pumps 900 chemicals into a river. the plan needs sever -- a steady supply route -- a steady supply of water. what brought so much attention to this one? officials waited five days. when things like this happen, the instinct of regulators and local enforcers is still to or downplayed the kind and try toests protect economic roles and the revenue generating enterprising companies that caused these
problems. >> this month thousands were dumped in the river near shanghai. the results of this collision is a growing health concerns over water pollution, covered by officials as alarming to the leadership. -- they're worried that the social unrest could be stoked. for the government has said that they will invest $1 billion over the next 10 years to improve the water supply and has submitted for the first time to the evidence of so-called cancer villages, where chemical pollution has caused a dramatic rise in disease. many chinese do not believe any major policy changes will happen soon and many leaders still believe that there has to be a cost for economic progress. opponents of same-sex marriage are going to take to
the streets in paris later. the national assembly has voted to approve the law allowing a homosexual couples to marry and adult children. , published by heavy fine, and it leads gay people to feel persecuted. some feel it is part of a government campaign against gay people. >> she never used to be comfortable showing attention to her girlfriend in public, but she changed after being attacked. she was determined not to help -- not to hide her sexuality anymore. >> they hit me, i hit back. it lasted a few minutes. the next day we reported it to the police. after three months the case had
broken. the gay community is worried ,hat if there is a national ban it could create an environment of dollars of for hatred. and last year moscow band came -- gay pride parades in the street for 100 years. with up to a fine of $16,000. >> propaganda can harm the health and moral and spiritual development. it can give young people
equality between traditional and non-traditional relations. >> there is no legal definition of what constitutes propaganda for homosexuality. activists say that this could be with a louder version. they cannot put off improving. [inaudible] >> the bill will need to be voted on two more times before it is signed into law, but it is not likely to fail. tois part of a wider drive .ush what he considers
>> the death of an exiled russian businessman, one of vladimir putin's fiercest critics. so far police said that his death is unexplained. >> exiled since settling in britain, having written on the waves and opposed the soviet era capitalism, he was once considered one of russia's richest men. he made his money in part by importing cars in the 1990's. for more than one decade he had been one of the loudest opposition voices in the leadership. it had not been this way always. he was once part of the inner circle of the kremlin and was said to be close to boris yeltsin and was pivotal in the
rise of vladimir putin. >> he survived several attempts , barry left for britain and became one of the fiercest critics. in the absence the russian courts has been convicted of stealing millions of dollars. last year he lost the case against another prominent russian. the case heard him dearly and he was forced to pay out millions of dollars in legal costs. in recent months the reported that he had been hurting financially. >> people find themselves
completely lost around me, money and influence, plus the respect of the people. they could not handle it. >> the vladimir putin press secretary told us that he had recently written to the president and apologize for his misdeeds. this has not been verified by the family. barizofski was found dead in his home near london. >> heavy snow is destructive life across the u.k., roads closed, flights delayed, power but you needhomes to bring. theof the worst diseases of 19th century, in recent years doctors thought they had beaten tuberculosis. now they're warning that with the rise of drug-resistant
tuberculosis, the disease is back and killing 1.5 million people every year, most in the world's poorest countries. bacterial infection that typically a taxi lungs, and the infectious and if left untreated it kills half that ketchup. hard to treat, many of the to not know, and there is usually a six month treatment this the coughing develops is a very long treatment. >> treating patients on the drug-resistant tb is expensive, too long, and in some cases impossible. disappointing researchers, they said that without new drugs the
spirit of drug-resistant strains would strengthen years of progress. >> one that is good but expensive, you need electricity and a computer. we have not got that television. it is needed now to control the target. the fare money can be found worn by 2015. 2 million people per year could become with